Rick Abt

"Most people think the camera is a factual instrument to duplicate reality, or objectify reality in some way, which is completely wrong!" -Roger Ballen-
Strongly influenced by the Film Noir genre, as well as photographers such as Bill Brandt, Herb Ritts, Robert Maplethorpe, Joel Peter Witkin, and Helmut Newton...I strive to create photographs with tension and drama beyond the ordinary using setting, objects, and sometimes just light and darkness. A great glamour or fashion image must be more than just a picture of a pretty face or a beautiful body. It must be a statement of personality, power, and style. I firmly believe Bill Brandt's observation that a good portrait tells something about its subject...past, present, and future.
I received my formal education at Towson University in Baltimore County, MD on the east coast of the United States. I hold undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Mass Communication with concentration in photography, film, and visual communications.
I can be contacted by e-mail at rickabt1@verizon.net or by phone at 410-804-5164.